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Capture The Flag
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Latest News


Conquest for Android Apr 2018
I got into Android programming and ported Conquest from iOS to Android.

Firefight on the Windows Store Mar 2018
Firefight is now available on the Windows Store.


Critical Mass for iOS Nov 2017
Critical Mass for iOS is based on the Windows game but it's a complete re-write. In a way it's more like the original Windows Critical Mass, but with extra features like force fields and cloaking.

Conquest for iOS networking Aug 2017
I added networking in Conquest for iOS between up to 8 local devices over WiFi or Bluetooth.


Slay on Steam Jul 2016
Slay is now available on the Steam Store.

Firefight on Steam Jul 2016
Firefight is now available on the Steam Store.

Firefight iOS networking Mar 2016
Firefight for iOS now has networking between two local iOS devices.


Snowballs for iOS Dec 2015
Snowballs is a game I always wanted to write. There's lots of AI and flocking and morale behaviour from the kids as they worry about their safety, and go along with the crowd when it charges.


Firefight for iPads Jun 2014
It took me two years to write but an all new version of Firefight is now available for iPads.


Slay for Android Sep 2012
Slay is now available for Android phones and tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire HDs.

Slay for iOS Jul 2012
A new version of Slay for iOS with a completely re-written AI and new graphics.

Bewilderword for iOS Apr 2012
Bewilderword is a similar game to WordStorm but the solutions are laid out in a crossword grid. At the moment it's an iOS game only.


Topple for Windows Jul 2011
Using my iOS simulation code I've ported another one of my iOS games to Windows.

WordStorm for Android Jul 2011
WordStorm becomes the first of my games to get converted to Android phones.

WordStorm for Windows Jun 2011
WordStorm is the first game I've converted from iOS to Windows.

Mother Of All Battles for iOS Mar 2011
Mother Of All Battles is now available on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and has some great new features over the Windows version.

Wizard for iOS Jan 2011
Wizard is a card game similar to Niggle but there are also Wizard cards which always win and Jester cards which always lose.


WordStorm for iOS Nov 2010
A new word puzzle game for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches

Niggle for iOS Aug 2010
My card game Niggle now has an iPhone version and is available on the AppStore

Topple for iOS Jun 2010
A great new puzzle game exclusively for iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches

Firefight 5.0 Apr 2010
A major new version of Firefight with a whole new set of graphics

Tribes for iOS Apr 2010
Tribes is a new game for the iPhone / iPod Touch. Flatten the land so your tribe can build settlements. Use the power the settlements give you to rain disasters on the enemy tribes


More games for iOS July 2009
The General and Rats! are also now available for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Games for iOS Mar 2009
Conquest and Slay are both now available for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Firefight Feb 2009
Lots of new tank and armoured cars data has been added and updated.


Firefight 4.1 Oct 2008
New fractally generated hills make the terrain look much more realistic.

Capture The Flag 1.1 Sep 2008
News maps and a fractal hill generator in the design maps utility added.


Capture The Flag Sep 2007
A new game where you have to capture your opponent's flag before he finds and captures yours.

68 new Conquest maps uploaded Aug 2007
Another great selection of new maps to use with Conquest.

The General 4.0 Jul 2007
The General now has a built-in lobby system to find Internet opponents.

Niggle 1.3 Jun 2007
Niggle has the option to auto play a card if it's the only choice, sort ascending or descending and shows if people have under or over bid.

Conquest 4.0 Jun 2007
Conquest now has a built-in lobby system to find Internet opponents.

Slay 5.0 May 2007
Slay now has a built-in lobby system to find Internet opponents. New villages appear in a more central location and there is also an "undo to beginning of move" feature.

Niggle 1.2 Jan 2007
Niggle lets you double click one of your cards to play it, has a "Random" game profile and highlights the winning card in Played Cards window.


The General 3.5 Dec 2006
A new version of The General. This version stretches the graphics better so the game looks nicer when the game window is enlarged, the animation is smoother, the background graphics can be changed and there are improvements to the AI.

Niggle 1.1 Sep 2006
Niggle now has several different game profiles and shows you the cards played in previous tricks.

Niggle 1.0 Aug 2006
Niggle (also known as "Oh Hell") is a card game where you have to guess the number of tricks you are going to win.

Firefight 4.0 Jun 2006
Firefight version 4.0 is finally finished with a massive amount of new features. All units are fully customizable, Direct Sound is used for much better sound effects and the battlefields are 65% bigger.

Conquest 3.1 Jun 2006
A small update of Conquest with better AI for playing with the cards "increasing" option and a display of how "lucky" each player has been with dice throws.

New location for the forums Apr 2006
The forums are now located at Sorry for the time they've been inaccessible while they were moved!

27 new Conquest maps uploaded Jan 2006
Some great new maps including updates from Rob Werhand and a lovely New Zealand map for Pocket PCs by Eltrab.


Slay for Symbian UIQ phones Oct 2005
A version of Slay for Symbian UIQ phones was released. All the main features of the game are now available on a phone!

End Of Atlantis Apr 2005
A brand new game! The planet of Atlantis is disintegrating and the only hope of your tribe surviving is to make it to the far flung galaxies Take control of the rockets or take a risk and space walk it but be careful as there are monsters, space octopuses and aliens out there. But maybe you'll get lucky and hitch a ride on a friendly UFO!

The General 3.4 Jan 2005
A new version of The General. This version allows you to import and export your startup files so you can share them easily with friends. It also records your average win turns against opponents.


Firefight 3.0 Oct 2004
A major new version of Firefight with better map creation routines, improved graphics and more realistic morale for infantry gives fewer casualties and better gameplay.

Critical Mass 4.0 Oct 2004
A major new version of Critical Mass with new graphics, new objects (Stealth and Repair bots), import/export ship designs and you choose a "race" to play as rather than one "class" of ships.

The General 3.3 Sep 2004
A new version of The General. You can stretch the game window to a larger size, you can modify a startup in the New Game dialog box itself and there are options to view your opponent's last move and which pieces have moved in this game.

New forums Sep 2004
I've switched to a new set of forums which are a lot more flexible than the old version. You can become a registered user with your own avatar and the forums allow basic HTML formatting in your posts and hyperlinks to other webpages. Unfortunately I couldn't copy across all the old posts...

Pocket PC 2003 Jul 2004
The Pocket PC games all got an upgrade so that they worked properly with the new Pocket PC 2003 operating system which requires the menus to be at the bottom of the screen.

The General 3.2 Jul 2004
A new version of The General. A rule option for re-hiding revealed pieces has been added.

Slay 4.2 Jun 2004
A new version of Slay. Allows you to set up a permenant server on the Internet to let other people connect to.

The General 3.1 Jan 2004
A new version of The General. A rule option for "Silent Offense" has been added.

The General 3.0 May 2004
A new version of The General. The game is now networkable, you can customise the piece and board graphics and it is translatabe into other languages.

Conquest 3.0 May 2004
A major new version of Conquest. New features include: New graphics, translated into non-english languages, extra rules, new victory dialog box, history of dice rolls, history of victories, maps are now stored in a "Maps" folder and Network chat added.

Slay 4.1 Feb 2004
A new version of Slay. New features include: translated into non-english languages, theme files are in a "Themes" folder, .isl files are in a "Maps" folder and Network chat added.

The General 2.1 Jan 2004
A new version of The General. Allows the tile values to be reversed so a high number is a string piece instead of a weak piece.

Slay for Palms Jan 2004
A version of Slay for Palm handheld computers was released.