Critical Mass

The General

Mother Of All Battles
Real time WWII battle
Capture The Flag
Capture The Flag
A card game
Lead your tribe to safety
End Of Atlantis
Play in the Jurassic League

Kill all of the rats
Find all 35 words

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Critical Mass
The General
Mother Of All Battles
End Of Atlantis

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Firefight Version History

Steam/Windows Store Version, July 2016
- Complete re-write
- 9 hand drawn maps
- 60 frames per second instead of 10 for smoother animation
- Advanced Route finding for intelligent infantry and tank movement
- Accurate modelling of tank motion, with gears, rev counter and brake levers
- Ricocheting bullets and shrapnel
- Improved AI

Version 5.0, April 2010
- Whole new set of graphics
- Marshes added
- Hold down the Spacebar to highlight all of your troops
- American Marines added as a separate nationality
- New scenarios "Burma" and "Malaya" added
- Option to automatically center a unit when you click on it

Version 4.1, October 2008
- Fractally generated hills for more realistic landscape

Version 4.0, June 2006
- Maps are 65% bigger
- Up to 20 units per side
- The landscape is made from tessellating texture graphics
- The game uses DirectSound so several sounds can play at once
- Details are shown of the man the mouse last hovered over
- Shows the distance of the target when you order troops to fire
- "Winter" graphics if in Europe during winter
- Jungle terrain
- Canals added to "lowlands" maps
- Better desert terrain now includes houses and palm trees
- Japanese, Chinese, New Zealand, Australian and Dutch nationalities added
- Each man now has a rank and a name
- Graphics are now stored as separate .bmp files so they can be easily modified
- Surnames for all people are stored in .txt files so can be altered and added to
- Names for villages, farms, hills and rivers are stored in .txt files
- New weapons include flamethrower tanks, anti-tank rifles, and knee mortars for Japanese troops
- Data for each tank, armoured car, anti-tank gun and infantry unit is now stored in individual .txt files so they can be easily modified and added to

Version 3.0, October 2004
- Better map creation routines
- Improved graphics
- More realistic morale for infantry gives fewer casualties and better gameplay

Version 2.0, July 2000
- Historically accurate infantry units
- 35% larger map size
- Up to 16 units per side, with up to 12 men per unit (maximum of 192 men per side instead of 80)
- Artillery fire has to adjust before firing a full salvo
- Right click on a unit to view its status
- New infantry weapons include pistols, carbines, shotguns, and light, medium or heavy mortars
- Saved games are compressed to take up less hard disk space

Version 1.1, October 1998
- Campaigns
- High score table
- Newspaper headlines when world events occur
- Low land terrain for Belgium/Holland
- Troops can surrender

Version 1.0, September 1998
- Scenarios from 1939-45 in villages, forests, desert or hilly terrain
- Play as a British, Canadian, American, German, Italian or Russian commander
- 10,000,000 different randomly generated landscapes
- Real time line of sight so hidden enemy troops cannot be seen
- Fields of grass, wheat or ploughed earth surrounded by hedges or stone walls
- Smooth hills, using gaussian shading
- Roads and rivers made from bezier curves
- Villages, farms, woods and orchards
- 55 different tank types
- Up to 10 units per side, with up to 8 men per unit
- Infantry weapons include rifles, grenades, sub machine guns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, bazookas, mortars and flamethrowers
- All shots travel in realistic parabolic trajectories
- Large amounts of AI so troops will behave intelligently without user intervention, including support fire, taking cover, tactically sneaking up on enemy positions, ambushing, retreating and routing