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Capture The Flag
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Critical Mass
The General
Mother Of All Battles
Capture The Flag
End Of Atlantis

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Conquest Rules

New Game

To start a new game click on File in the menu and then New. The New Game dialog box will appear which will allow you to select which map to play on, how many players will be in the game and the setup for how many armies you get if you hand in your cards. You can set the latter to one of the following:

You get 4 armies for handing in three infantry cards, 6 for three cavalry cards, 8 for three cannon cards and 12 for three different cards.

The first player to hand in their cards gets 4, the next 6, then 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and 5 more each time.

The first player gets 4 for handing the their cards, the second 5, then 6 and this increases by 1 each time up to a limit of 16.

Always the same
You always get 5 extra armies for handing in three cards

The computer will randomly select computer controlled "personalities" to play against you.

The Screen

The screen is divided up into two sections. The main section shows you the playing area which you can scroll from left to right by clicking on it and dragging it. Also on the main section in the top left hand corner you can see a list of the player's colours and a number indicating how many cards they hold (if any). You can click on a player's colour to see a brief description of their personality. In the top right hand corner you will see your cards during the Resupply phase or the dice throws during the Attack phase.

The section at the bottom is the control panel which is used to show you how many armies you have to deploy in the Resupply phase, your attacks in the Attack Phase and how many armies you wish to leave behind in the Movement phase.

Initial Deployment

The territories on the map will be randomly assigned to the players (although they will be intelligently assigned so as no one player has too strong a starting position). Each player then takes it in turns to deploy an army until all the initial men have been deployed. You can deploy an army by dragging the '1' from the bottom of the screen onto one of your light green territories or by simply tapping on a territory.


At the start of every players turn you are given new armies to resupply your territories. The number that you receive is calculated by counting the number of territories you own and dividing by three, discarding any remainder. So if you had 9 territories you would receive 3 armies and if you had 11 territories you would also receive 3 armies. You always receive a minimum of 3 armies regardless of how few territories you have.

In addition to the armies that you receive due to the number of territories you own you also get a bonus if you own an entire continent. The bonus depends on which continent you have and for the default World map these values are:

North America 5
South America 2
Europe 5
Africa 3
Asia 7
Australia 2

You can move your new armies onto your territories in the same way that you did your initial deployment, by either dragging a number onto one of your territories or by tapping on a territory.

You may also be able to get additional armies if you hand in your cards (see the section later on "Cards")


Once you have deployed all your new armies you will move onto the attack phase. To attack your enemies simply pick up one of your armies and drag it onto a neighbouring enemy territory. Your attackers will be drawn in red on the territory they are attacking. You must then select the number of dice you wish to attack with, which must be less than or equal to the number of armies you are attacking with and no more than three. The defender uses one dice if their are no armies in the territory or two dice if there is more than 1 army present. The outcome of the attack is determined by comparing the defenders best dice roll with the attackers best dice roll. If the defender rolls greater or equal to the attacker then the attacker loses an army otherwise the defender loses an army. If the defender rolled two dice then his other dice roll is compared to the attacker's second best dice roll and a second army is lost by the attacker or defender in the same way. The attacker can choose to continue attacking until either all his armies or all the defending armies have been eliminated. If all the defender's armies are eliminated the attacker captures the territory. A single army is used to garrison the territory and turn it to the attacker's colour while the others move in. You can leave behind armies in the territory where the attack was launched from but you must move in at least as many armies as the number of dice the attacker rolled on the last attack.

To make an attack more quickly you can click on the "All" icon if you are attacking with 4 or more armies. This will continuously attack for you until the enemy is destroyed or you are down to 3 or fewer attackers. If you successfully destroy all the defending armies then your remaining armies will all be moved into the territory.

You can make as many attacks as you want provided you have armies left and you can attack from as many territories as you wish. Once you have finished all of your attacks click on the Finished Attacking button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.


When you have finished attacking you can move a single group of armies from one territory to a neighbouring territory. Click on a territory and drag it onto the one you want the armies to move to. You will then be given the option of how many of those armies you wish to leave behind in the territory that they moved from.


You receive a card at the end of your turn if you have successfully captured an enemy territory during that turn. Each card is either an infantryman, a cavalryman or a cannon. At the beginning of your next turn during the Resupply phase you may hand in three of your cards if you have three cards all of the same type or if you have three cards of one of each type. If you have five or more cards you must hand in three cards that turn. The number of armies you receive for handing in three cards depends on what setting you selected when you began the game (See the section on New Game).

If you completely wipe out any enemy player you will receive all their cards. If that leaves you with 5 or more cards you must hand in 3 immediately and receive your extra armies.


A player wins the game by capturing all the territories.

Customizing Personalities

The personalities of the computer players can be changed by modifying the players.txt file. Each player has a name, a colour (set in the same way as the RGB values on a web page), three personality attributes and a description. The three personality attributes can be set from -10 to +10 and their meanings are:

- Aggression is how willing the AI is to use a higher percentage of its armies
- Nastiness is how much the AI wants to wipe other players out and stop them from getting continents
- Paranoia is how much the AI tries to defend its borders because it thinks it is going to be attacked

You can also change the name and colour of your territories. Initially your name is set to "You" and your colour is light green.


Game and graphics by Sean O'Connor
Thanks to Geoff Hubbard and Adrian Roney for their help and support